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Has anyone fitted Harley Davidson´s touring saddlebags to a C90 Boulevard? I have a 2007 model 1500 Boulevard and I´m looking for hard saddlebags without tail lights ets. Bags also should be shaped like the rear end of the bike. Brackets have to be made but that´s not a problem. There are also couple more bags, but the price gets a bit high. Also because I live in Finland, I need to pay high customs and taxes of all the products bought outside Europe.

I tried adding links and pictures, but so far cant do it since I just registered too the forum. But the HD bags I mean are found on Ebay by typing "Black hard saddlebags Trunk w/Lid & Latch Kit".
Other option I have is a bit smaller bag, but the rear part is a bit straight for my taste and I´m not sure how it would look. The other bags can be found on´s frontpage (Rigid small saddlebag Guoadro)

I´m new to the forum so I´ll try browsing what you guys have done to your bikes. I have this vision of a bagger style bike with white wall tires, hard saddlebags and a batwing :cool: So far I´ve done the white walls with Rubber Comp paint, since the tires were almost new :)
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