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Boulevard M90 sissy Bar and seat cowl

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Hey everyone!
I'm buying a 2010 M90 here in Melbourne, Australia but the one I'm buying doesn't have a sissy Bar on it. Was looking at options I have and there's not much available for it down under. However sissy bars for M50 and M109rs are readily available on ebay etc. Bars from the US and EU made for m50 are costing upwards of AUD400 while the ones for m50/109r are under AUD100.

So my question is whether a sissy bar made for M50/109r would fit the M90? Same situation for rear seat cowl, so same question for it aswell. Any help would be much appreciated :)

Just checked and sissy bars for C90 are also readily available here. Would that fit a M90 by any chance?
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