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Brand new - what's the P in LS650P?

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Hi all. I'm a brand-new Suzuki Savage LS650P rider, as of last night. I bought a used 2002 with 1800 miles on it. It hadn't ever been serviced :shock: so I've taken it in to get the works this morning, and already miss it!

I've been riding a Yamaha Virago 250 for a couple of years now, and felt the need for a little bit more oomph and the ability to get onto the highway once in a while. So far, this seems like a great step up for me.

I rented a Buell Blast for a day, thinking that might be a good choice. What an awful excuse for a motorcycle. It vibrated more than most massage chairs set on SuperHigh, and was way less comfortable about it! The shifting was clunky and it sounded like a lawnmower on steriods. I was soooo much happier with my first ride on the Savage. :p

I noticed that there are different "flavors" of LS650's mentioned, but I can't seem to find what the differences are. My owners manual shows mine as a LS650P - but what makes a P different from an R? I asked the service advisor this morning, but he was clueless. I found this forum, and just know that one of you folks can clear up this curiosity for me.

Also, anything a newbie needs to know about this new bike? Any little quirks?
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Unfortunately, I cannot answer your question. Some research is needed.
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