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I'd like to build a ultrasonic(ish) cleaner.

Basically if you can tie a palm sander to your ceiling, and affix that sander (however you want) to a tank full of carb cleaner, you can use that as an ultrasonic cleaner. (see youtube video for reference)

that youtube video shows a good one but brings a dilemma.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but from my understanding carb cleaner is basically high octane gasoline. Therefore, like gasoline it shouldn't be stored in a household plastic container like a milk jug or peanut butter container. Mainly because gasoline dissolves most plastics

In addition, glass may also shatter... it doesn't seem a great idea to affix to a palm sander

Metal initially seems like the perfect solution, but used in this context it may damage the softer metal of the carb parts.

Ultimately, I'm thinking I should tape some foam or something around a glass pickle jar (that's been thoroughly rinsed).
But even then it's a bit risk for it to potentially break. Especially seeing as how I will likely be holding the jar to the sander with merely some velcro (as shown in the video).

Can anybody confirm a small plastic container that's relatively cheap/easy to find and doesn't melt in carb cleaner and or gasoline?


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Seems like a whole lot of trouble for nothing. You can get an ultrasonic cleaner from Harbor Freight for less than 50 bucks and use simple green in it.:cool:

First, the motion of said sander is NOT "ultrasonic".
Second, carb cleaner is much more than gasoline and will melt things that gas won't.

NOT a good idea for a project in my opinion.

Most routine carb cleanings don't require that kind of equipment anyway.
Indeed MOST don't even require taking the carbs off the bike.
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