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Bunchof things!

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Yesterday was quite a day. I learned exactly what it feels like when my bike is starving for fuel in rush hour traffic. Maybe I've just never let it get all the way to the reserve. I though that it would just splutter out like the lawn mower does, but it was really a change in performance that had me thinking, what in the hell is wrong with this thing.

Next learned that it is important to switch back to the main after getting fuel. :banghead:

Third, I discovered that fairings and windwhields keep more than just wind off of you. They do a good job of deflecting bolts that fall off of large trucks. Small ones too I would guess.
And did you know that fairings are not indestructable? Mine got a 6 inch crack from the impact. Glad I had it.
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Just having a full face-shield made me quite happy the day a gravel truck in front of me hit a bump and lost 4-5 pieces of 3" gravel stones. The one that thwacked me in the side of my visor left a nice scuff mark and had my adrenaline pumping for a good little while. Thankfully it didn't cause me to swerve or lose control etc. GGZ Protective gear. :)
The one day I forgot my gloves, was the first day that I decided to take my bike home from work via the highway instead my normal back-roads route. I lost track of the number of times I got hit in the hands by grit and pebbles kicked up by cars/trucks in front of me on the highway. I had a nice set of bruises on my knuckles after the 20 mins of riding. I sware it was a message that I better not forget my gloves again. Heh...
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