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Buying a GS500F Shortly..a few questions..

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#1..I've searched the net and seen pics of it in black, but when I go to Suzuki's site, it's only in blue and yellow? Can someone explain this to me?

#2..What should I realisticaly expect to pay for the bike, without tax, tag, and title..just a negotiable price for the lists for $4999

#3..What kind of bag is available for it? I want to be able to stow my jacket/pants/gloves/boots if necessary. Thanks :)
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JohnnyKemp is right.

In US, you get Yellow/Black or Blue/White
In Canada, Black/Silver or Blue/White
Welcome BillDaCat.

That's a good question. Common sense would make me say that yellow bike would be more visible than a black one however, considering the condition on which people will see you, I'm not sure it would make any difference. By conditions I'm talking about people looking into their rear view mirror, not much color can be perceived, your headlight will be what they see. At a traffic light or a stop signs, they should have the time to see you, color shouldn't matter. On the highway, assume that no one can see you.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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