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Buying a GS500F Shortly..a few questions..

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#1..I've searched the net and seen pics of it in black, but when I go to Suzuki's site, it's only in blue and yellow? Can someone explain this to me?

#2..What should I realisticaly expect to pay for the bike, without tax, tag, and title..just a negotiable price for the lists for $4999

#3..What kind of bag is available for it? I want to be able to stow my jacket/pants/gloves/boots if necessary. Thanks :)
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#1 The black ones are probably from a previous model year. It's common for Suzuki to change colors each year, unless one color is very popular.

#2 Since the GS is often overlooked by the movie-going-biker-boy-wannabe public, you can probably offer somewhere in the low 4's. Just be prepared to leave a phone number and walk away on the first visit.

#3 Dunno.
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