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Buzzing sound

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I'm not too concerned , but... I have noticed a buzzing sound down by my left foot (crankcase?) I'm not sure if it was there since it was new since I only hear it when my legs are a bit away from the tank and last fall I was probably death gripping the tank with my legs. The sound is quite high pitched (rattlesnake) and goes away when I let off the throttle. Is this just normal chain noise?
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How many miles? If its a Suzuki, you have a O ring chain. If it looks dirty try cleaning with tooth bruch and kerosene. Then just lube it with some O ring lube or just ordinary 20/50 Suzuki oil. After I clean and oil mine it sings more than when its dirty. So maybe Its becouse your in good shape.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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