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C50 Break in

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I will pick up my C50 Black/Grey, WindShield and Light Bar on Saturday. I use Syntectic oil in all my motors, Cars, Truck, Genorators and Lawn equiptment. I own a lawn service company and have never had a oil related failure in any of my equiptment. I am convinced it is worth it. How soon can I make the switch on the c50? Some knowledgable Gear heads I know recommend switching at 3000 miles on a vehicle and after 75 hours on the small stuff, this is to allow the rings to scuff in. They claim if done too soon the rings will not scuff in fully and the motor will run fine but there might be some above average oil comsuption. Any thoughts. (Will Saturday EVER get Here) !!!! :mrgreen:
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You know, that search function works wonders... ;)

Among the numerous threads that pop up when you search for "synthetic" is this one:

Mobile 1 & Castrol seem to be popular choices - I use Castrol in my cage, but will be using Mobile 1 in the C50.

In that thread we also learn to avoid the high mileage/environmental synthetics containing molybdenum (sp?) that can cause clutch slippage in wet clutch bikes.
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