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c50 exhaust

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anybody put aftermaket exhaust on a c50
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Hi , I am a newbie also, I pick up my Black/Grey C50 tommorrow. From what I have been able to gather in this forum and others the C50 does indeed benifit from a exhaust mod , most popular is the Vance and Hines Straight shot and also a set up made by Cruzers. However, this generaly requires a Power module attached to the Fi computer other wise the free flowing exhaust tends to lean out the motor and you basicily have cancelled any performance. But they still will sound way cool!.


I have been chastized ( good naturedly i think) for not using the search feature on this forum. It does work. Do a search on vance & hines, cruzers, Straight shots and or power module. It should get you the scoop on what you are looking for.

Welcome and good luck with your excellent choice
I may be wrong but...

k3new said:
I read a quote a couple of weeks ago, and wonder how changing the pipes can affect the mixture. Is this a conspiracy to sell more FI/Carb kits?

My 2 cents :mrgreen: My under standing is, because there is less restriction on the exhaust stroke the FI computer senses this lighter work load on the motor and compenstes by leaning out the mixture a bit. So the gain in power expected is not quite acheived. That is why a after market power module is required if you want the added performance. Just my 2 c :mrgreen:
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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