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C50 question

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I just picked up my new C50. After a short ride (50 miles) a "chec" warning showed up on the speedo with an oil can synbol. The engine has a full level of oil, and no leaks. Has anyone else had similar issues pop up, and if so what was the fix.

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Riding in Ventura County

It's good to see some other guys here from my riding area. I just picked up my c50 at Bert's Mega Mall in Covina. I live in Valencia, CA and plan to ride up to Ventura as soon as I pass my written test at DMV. That's a beautiful area for riding. I think all along the 126, up PCH, Ojai, Ventura... the whole area in general should be incredible. It'd be great to hook up with other c50 riders. Anyone interested can email me at [email protected].
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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