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C50T Tach?

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I just got my C50T and the first thing I 'd like to add is a tach..........yea, yea, I know you don't NEED one but I like the way they look and all my bikes have had one.....anyway, I was browsing the site and recall seeing a post where the person said that Suzuki's tach "bumped" into his windsheild after he installed it.........made all kinds of noise according to him.........has anyone installed the Suzuki tach on their C50T??'d it fit?...bump into the windsheild??
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i thought about getting one for my M till i realized that my speedo is where my tach would go so really wouldnt be anywhere to put it.

liek you said, dont NEED one, but would be nice to see the rpms on the bike and shifting points
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