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C50T Tach?

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I just got my C50T and the first thing I 'd like to add is a tach..........yea, yea, I know you don't NEED one but I like the way they look and all my bikes have had one.....anyway, I was browsing the site and recall seeing a post where the person said that Suzuki's tach "bumped" into his windsheild after he installed it.........made all kinds of noise according to him.........has anyone installed the Suzuki tach on their C50T??'d it fit?...bump into the windsheild??
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I put a Tach on my C50 2 weeks ago before I put on the Suzuki Windshield. As I was putting the windshield on I found out that the Tach gets in the way. I was able to fix the problem fairly easy but I feel you shouldn't have to run into problems like this. especially for what you pay for them. I even called Suzuki's customer service to see if they knew about it, they never ran into it before. So I basically called to get it on record that they have a problem with the two together. The way I fixed it was to first take the center bolt from the windshield in the chrome brace that goes across the front and spin it around so the cap nut is in the front instead of the back where it hits the Tach. The second part is a little more involved. You have to take the windshield off and remove the vertical brackets that the windshield mounts to the bracket on the bike. You take the brackets and you take a rat tail file and in the upper slot of the brackets you have to file a horizontial slot towards the rear of the bracket from the vertical slot. I filed mine about a 1/4" back. When this is done it makes it possible for you to tilt the windshield forward so it doesn't hit the Tach.
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When I went back to the dealer and told them the problem I ran into I asked that same question and nowhere could they find anything that said about not being able to mount either of them together. It don't matter anymore since I fixed the problem, it's just frustrating having to go through it all.
I installed the Suzuki Tach when I got my bike and for 4600 miles so far I have not had any problems with it at all. I hooked it up according to the instructions that came with it.
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