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Anyone who has installed the Gipro Gear indicator ( or tried ) will agree that the instructions are virtually usless.

I had to email Norbert from healtech-electronics for better instructions and a little help. ( I already had the bike 1/2 stripped down at this point )

Unlike the instructions indicate, ( at least on mine ) the connector is not under the tank ( or under the false tank either ). The connector ended up being behind the lower left hand transmission cover ( down by the side stand ). Mine also ended up being a 3 pin connector, not the 6pin as indicated by the instructions.

I have attached some pictures, hopefully they will help sombody else doing their own install.

Picture 1 - Shows what the sensor unit actually looks like.
Picture 2 - Shows the connector that needs to be used
Picture 3 - Shows the connection I made for the 12v supply ( No fuse yet, but i have one on order )
Picture 4 - Shows my mounting location.

Pictures are from my cell phone, so not too high res.
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