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I purchase 93 800 Intruder. That had been sittting about 2 Year.
And purchase a set of carbs. Put them on carbs are probly out of sync.
Bike will crank and run but only run if I am pumping gas to the rear carb.
When i doing this the bike seem to be run fine on both cylinders.
Help help no ride ( sad biker ) Are can any body give me any ideals
what to look for are what to do.

Thank James

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were the carbs bought used, as a general rule, if the bike the carbs came off wasn't running on them the day you got them, they should be cleaned and rebuilt. I hope to see you a happy biker soon. Good luck.

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Cured my carbs Problem

Bike running good low range and mid range. What fixed my problem was
cleaning air filter and recharging air fillter with filter oil. Now bike has a
quick throttle reponse at any speed. Bikes sitting this long oil had dry
out. But for now all is great. For anyone who bike has sit for a while
I would try this it may work for you.

This was only a short time fix. I had to buy a new carbureter. The carb body was warp. After rebuilding old carbs. And one new carb the problem is fix and I'm riding now. :D Happy Biker

Good Luck to all James
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