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chain and sprocket swap

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i learned today that you shouldn't try to do a chain and sprocket swap by yourself without a rearstand.

my friend james called me and asked if i would do this mod for him on his 2002 yamaha r1. although i have never been to any schools or training, i have been working on cars and bikes since i can remember. i have built everything from '69 gtx's to 1000hp supras. i had forgotten however, that i had lent my rearstand out to a friend of mine so he could change his rear tire. i realize this after i have already taken the pin out of the factory chain, and i decide to venture on with the task.

i loosen all of the necessary nuts, and bang out the rear axle just far enough to grab it from the left side of the bike. standing on the left side of the bike, i reach over with my left hand and tilt the bike up onto the sidestand so that the rear wheel is off the ground (like you would when you spin the bike around in a tight spot). holding the bike up with my left hand, i stick my right hand through the wheel and pull it out. i shove my little portable toolbox (the home depot special) under the swingarm and let the bike down. this prooves to be the easy part.

after swapping the sprockets on the countershaft and the rear wheel, it is now time to put the wheel back on. so i lift up the bike again, kick the toolbox out of the way, grab the wheel with my right hand, and attempt to put it onto the swingarm. this prooves to be the hard part, as i have to now hold up the bike, line up the brake rotor to get it in between the pads without moving them, and then put the axle back in far enough to let the bike down and not have the bike fall on top of the wheel. miraculously, it all works (after a few tries), and i am able to set the bike down and put on the new chain.

my arms are exhausted from holding up the bike and the wheel, but it got done and done properly. i set the chain tension and alignment, take the bike for a ride (rides like a dream), and here i am. so my advice would be...

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LayinLo_usmc said:
That reminds me: I need to invest in a rear stand. :)
What does a rear stand go for usually?
axel_2078 said:
I think Suzuki sells them for about $120, but you can probably find them cheaper elsewhere.
Sweet. I am guessing I am going to need one. I am going to set up shop in my friends garage...being that you really dont have anywhere to work on things like this at the barracks. I plan on replacing sprockets and chains so it sounds like a smart investment,
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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