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changing sprokets

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I have a 97 gsxr 600 and will be getting a new chain before it gets spring time. So i figured it would be best to get new sprokets also what is the best brand to get and also how many teeth should you get the new sprokets for front and rear. Im just looking for more take off power and i know i will loose my top end but it wont bother me at all.

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what do the sprockets actually do. (sorry, but i don't really know anything about the mechanics on bikes!) cuz i hear that if i do something with them on my bike then i can get a little more power in the rear or something like that.

RowdyRed94 said:
And you want to upgrade to a race bike? :roll:
just cuz you don't know mechanics don't mean i can't race...i was keeping up with a gixxer 600 the other day on the road...might be the other guy can't race his bike (most likely that's the case), but i've been around racers (both cars and bikes) most of my teenage life. but with experience comes skill they always say!

1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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