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changing sprokets

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I have a 97 gsxr 600 and will be getting a new chain before it gets spring time. So i figured it would be best to get new sprokets also what is the best brand to get and also how many teeth should you get the new sprokets for front and rear. Im just looking for more take off power and i know i will loose my top end but it wont bother me at all.

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uncle Bob is right, if you know how the machine that you are using works, you will be able to better understand how to use it and make it do the work not you. layinlo usmc, you forgot to mention that if he's going to add 4 teeth that that would need to be done on the rear to increase the lowend touque. Personally I think I would drop 2 teeth off the front sprocket, makes a great improvement without loosing sensable top speed.
basicly, for every 1 tooth less in the front is about the same as adding 3 teeth in the rear. If the chain was in good shape, you can drop 2 teeth in the front and not have to replace the chain.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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