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child passenger

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Hi, I have a question. What is the legal age for a child to be a passenger on a bike in California.
And I mean not on the freeways or the heavy trafic.
You see I have a 3 year old and whant to know if it's ok to get out infront our place and give him a ride for a five minutes. /it's a 15 miles zone/ I've seen that in europe recently /In Paris/ and seemed like the norm there. Also when I was a kid my dad used to ride with me placed in front of him. /I had a special little helmet with a peak that I was very proud of/
I know that many of you think that this is a heresy and the parent deserves to be publicly linched on a tree for such action, but when my wife told me the other day that when he picks my son from day care and they park at home he gets out of the car and kisses the motorcycle , saying : that's daddy's bike... I got deeply touched.
I also admit to have done a little bit of riding with him on a parking lot couple of times and he loved it... What can I say, I love my son the way my dad loved and understand me when I was little. That's why I also started very early on my dad's bikes.

current bike; gsxr 600 04
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thanks for the info it sounds about right, and makes sence. Since've been a resident of US for about 5 years I had no idea what's allright and what's not for many things, but it clears that people are the same everywhere, and the common sence is common sence. I mean a kid will alwas ask for a ride and somehow a parent should deal with that.
Regarding having a kid on front my dad did it when I was a kid, but I belive by masuring all the risks involved. And beside the bike was a two stroke 50 cc and we lived in a small town where the trafic was very regulated and predictable.
It's just that what makes me feel a bit off. The article says that this is stupid, and I don't feel right thinking of my father as a stupid man.
Otherwice it's right on the spot about everything.
thank you again.
Yeah, I knew about the belt and even thought of constructing one but my concern is to not get busted by some moral activist in the neighborhood. That's why I wanted to know if it is a felony or something. I don' know much but I've heard stories about social cervises comming and taking your child away if someone reports you for any reason and so on. Currently a friend of ours were notifyed by the principal of the school that some soccer moms were concerned about her not being a good mom. And believe me she IS a good mom, never the less she and her husband are great parents very open and frank with their kids and the kids grow in a very healthy atmosfere very smart and confident . Good thing the principal told her first so she sighned her daughther in another school right away.

P.S. To clarify I was born in 1971 in Bulgaria, a nice small socialistic country, a tottalitarian regime at the time, but was quite peacefull, and the traffic laws were strict and education high. Many other things sucked thogh
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trini0 said:

Thanks for the link. It is a heated discussion.
And seems that nothing is specifyed.
2004gsxr600b/w said:
hey there i have a 3yr old son as well and the same bike i put him right behind me on my seat between me and the solo seat and i have a 3inch belt that goes around him and me i do it w/ my daughter too there tall enough to put there feet on the rear peg well have fun cause they do

So where were you riding with your son? I presume very low speed and local street, but still where, for how long and were you afraid of being busted?
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