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OK...sorry for any confusion. By noobie, I meant new to the site. I have riden bikes before but have never owned one. I have taken the motorcycle safety course and passed but I have never owned my own bike. I know that the gixxer is not a great idea even for owning a first bike with little experience but i know the basics and have read through just about every noobie thread that i can find on this site. My intentions in buying the bike are just for cruising and having fun. No stunts or racing here for me, i just like the power and mostly the acceleration. Of course I don't want to injure myself in anyway and I definitely don't want to just throw my money away, so I would not want to damage the bike. My main concerns were that I have never riden a gixxer before...I know that it's more power than anything I have ridden thus far but I think that I am ready for a bike with a little muscle to it. I should have stated all this in my first thread so it wouldn't have been so abruptly mistake for not doing so. Again, I know the basics and have a good idea of what goes into riding a bike but I am lacking in as much experience as most of the people on this site probably have, so any info would be helpful...again.
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I started on a 2003 HD Sportster and put 20K miles on it in two years. Great learning experiences. But at the close of last season, I found myself pushing the sportster and wishing for something more "sporty". So I started looking at sportbikes.

Well, I picked mine up last Friday. A GSX-R600. I have to look at the Speedometer constantly because it's just so different from the Harley. I find that I mis-judge my speed vs the stopping distance required. I've slid the front end into a corner because of this, and recovered only due to the fact that I've had similar situations on my Harley. Otherwise, it would have been a panic situation, and probably a fall.

I find that I'm a shifting fool, too. Constantly shifting. It will get a bit better after the bike is broken in. And if you wanna' be cool and ride with your left hand on your leg, then you better be in sixth gear and have rock-solid control of your throttle hand. Otherwise you're gonna' go down and look like an idiot doing it.

And cornering. The first couple of decent-speed corners I took, I over turned (I don't know the technical description of this). I was used to the lumbering cornering of the sportster. Basically, I ended turning too sharp because the gixxer wants to DIVE into corners. It's great, but tricky the first couple of times.

I'm 35 years old and not terribly irresponsible (in my opinion). Overall, I can safely say that if I had started on a gixxer, I would have probably dumped it within the first two hundred miles or so and gotten hurt badly. I still fear the powerband on this bike, and I have only barely touched it because I'm still in break in.

Top all this off with gear familiarity (gloves, helmet, jacket, boots, etc). Mine is all broken in (except the helmet). I have slept in my boots and jacket on NUMEROUS occasions, so that wasn't part of what I have to get used to, either. New gear can be a TREMENDOUS distraction, especially to the new rider.

So I don't have a recommendation, only my experiences to share.
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snowman81 said:
I think that I will be doing quite a bit of research on this and I have the time to do it.
Half the fun of getting a bike is the research, and then the anticipation once you make your decision. Good Luck!
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