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OK...sorry for any confusion. By noobie, I meant new to the site. I have riden bikes before but have never owned one. I have taken the motorcycle safety course and passed but I have never owned my own bike. I know that the gixxer is not a great idea even for owning a first bike with little experience but i know the basics and have read through just about every noobie thread that i can find on this site. My intentions in buying the bike are just for cruising and having fun. No stunts or racing here for me, i just like the power and mostly the acceleration. Of course I don't want to injure myself in anyway and I definitely don't want to just throw my money away, so I would not want to damage the bike. My main concerns were that I have never riden a gixxer before...I know that it's more power than anything I have ridden thus far but I think that I am ready for a bike with a little muscle to it. I should have stated all this in my first thread so it wouldn't have been so abruptly mistake for not doing so. Again, I know the basics and have a good idea of what goes into riding a bike but I am lacking in as much experience as most of the people on this site probably have, so any info would be helpful...again.
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As Uncle Bob stated, "twitchy" is the biggest concern I have with new riders.
"Twitchy" to me means'

Narrow power band, instead of it comming on gradually, it comes on strong and very quick. To use all the power correctly you will be needing to shift every 1,500 to 2,000 rpm or so to keep the max power range. Odds are you will never use all the power, That's not what you want to do when your concentrating on other things, like the road, handleing, turn signals, people, etc.

In everyday 50 - 60 mph traffic all you really need is about 10 hp crusing. A nice 30-40 hp or so, is more than enough to get a nice speeding ticket on the expressway.

Find a ride that has a wider power band so there is fewer suprises and more forgiving. There will be enough suprises the way it is, when your starting out.
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