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Cleaning Your Bike

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I was just wondering about how to clean your bike. Could you clean it as you would a car or would you take different steps?

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you have to be a little more careful when cleaning a bike than a car.

i don't recommend the use of water, since it can get in all sorts of places you don't want it to (gas tank, electrical components, etc...) so here is how i do it.

go out and buy a tube of armor all car wash wipes, dupont teflon spray-on wax, windex, rain-x, rain-x antifog, paper towels, wax applicators, and lint-free terry cloths.

use the car wash wipes to clean the entire bike (gas tank, fairings, windscreen, fender, tail section, wheels, and frame) and to get all the excess crap off. then spray some of the wax onto an applicator and apply in circular motions to the gas tank, fairings, fender, and tail section. while that is drying, get the windex and clean your mirrors and windscreen. once the wax is dry, use the terry cloths to clean off the wax completely, rotating sides of the cloth often and not using a lot of pressure.

apply the rain-x to the outside of the windscreen, and the rain-x antifog to the inside of the screen as well as the mirrors. while you are at it, use the windex to clean the inside of your helmet visor, and apply the antifog to that as well. clean the outside of the visor after re-attatching it to the helmet with the windex.

it is a lot quicker to do than it seems, as this whole process only takes me about 30 minutes or so. the bike comes out looking like new, and you will be proud to ride it again.
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1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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