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clear signal light lenses

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Wondering if anyone knows of any clear signal light lenses available for the m50. I'd like to run clear lenses with amber bulbs (or wire up some amber leds), but the orange oem lenses just don't seem to match at all...especially considering the tailight lens is clear. :?:

EDIT: Oh yeah replacement clear reflectors would be great too for the ones on the forks and the license plate bracket.
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Go here: clear signals
QuacktheDuck said:
thank you big time zuki! exactly what i was looking for. :smile: Hey I haven't taken my lenses off yet, do they just turn off or are they clipped on with a tab since I don't see any screws.
You're welcome. I don't know how they're removed as I haven't really looked at them yet. I was actually considering removing the fronts altogether and installing the Kuryakyn Turn Signal Mirrors ...

... or I too will be installing the clear lenses ...

What do you think of the mirrors? Anybody??
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mxrcr4 said:
Hey guys,

The lenses have a tiny set screw underneath. Then they just twist off! Don't forget to take out the screw and break it off trying to twist the lense (trust me!).
Yep, thanks for the heads up. I discovered that last night after this post ... slipped my mind to post an answer though. Boooo to me. :oops:
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