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So was cleaning up my oil filter & strainer for the first time today, replaced the gasket, crankcase cover and oil, and at the end of it all found that there was no tension in the clutch!
After trying to change the freeplay on both the lower and upper adjustment points, I realised I may have knocked the lower clutch lever around a bit while working with the crankcase - this was when I foolishly turned the lower lever around 360 degrees to try and get some tension. The opposite happened and the lever is now turning round almost freely through the crankcase..
Is there any hope with replacing clutch plates etc or have I completely %%%%ed it? :/

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It's not the clutch is the throw out mechanism.

And the fix MIGHT be fairly easy, assuming that the lever is right above a side plate that can be removed for inspection.

P.S. Are you saying that you disconnected the clutch cable while doing that other work ?
That probably is not necessary......and not recommended.
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