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Coming Into Work Today...

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I realized my Jeep can't be shifted with my left foot.

When I stopped at a light this morning, I caught my left my foot giving two sharp jabs to the floorboard. I realized that was when I usually downshift two gears for slowing at the the light.

Silly me.
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Reminders to self (attach to dashboard of 4-wheeled vehicle before driving):

1. NO lane splitting.

2. No wheelies or stoppies.

3. Do not park in the little striped off areas in parking lots.

4. Do not go to ground with left foot at stop lights.

5. Revving engine with clutch in will not impress anyone.

6. Bring a lot more $ for gas.

7.Do not attempt to shut off engine by putting down the sidestand.

8. Don't even think about knee dragging.
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Meatman, you crack me up!

He probably gets away with murder, because he can make his wife laugh. A guy with a sense of humor like that is pretty unstoppable - and irresistable! :D
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