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Comments on the Reviews on Cycle News

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I was just watching the reviews made by Cycle News on TV. They reviewed the Ducati, Suzuki, Yamaha, and Honda 1000cc racers. In addition they added the GSXR750.

Gixxer didn't even place in the top three. It went to 1-Honday - for the new suspension and handling, 2 - Yamaha for the new suspension and handling and overall performance, then 3 - Kaw for the raw power and light weight.

The comments from the riders was that on the track the Gixxers shaked too much. But they did have the full range of power from the engine.
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Different stroks for different folks, when you take into consideration that the very same ppl that are reviewing these bikes are human of course there will be a difference of opinion. You may like mayo on your bread and i prefer ketchup, the point is we all are different just because you like the 750 and think its awesome doesnt mean Joe Rocket will. All im saying is you could have been the very person doing the review and would have given your bike great reviews if you like it, remember critics are getting paid just to give there opinion TO EACH THERE OWN. :D
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