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corbin young guns seat, how comfortable is it???

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thinking of picking one of these up of there not completely butt numbing..

I never ride long distance and i do not plan to, i don't enjoy riding on the highway at all, i get bored quick on the highway so most of my highway trips are no longer than 15 min to 30 min. but i do often spend a hour or two riding the bike around town.

can one stand to set on one of these seats for a few hours at a time and not get of the bike groaning..
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From his post I took that comfort is irrelevant as long as it is not completely bad, and he wants the looks of the young guns seat.
my stock seat is comfy, but i like the look of the solo seats best. the young guns has a really low profile passenger seat that seems to blend in with the bike nicely and has a back rest witch would be nice. i don't like riding people that much, every now and again ill take some one for a short ride so im not concerned about passenger comfort. they can deal with it for 10-20 min if i take them out on a ride.

it loos like the young guns seat might even have a lower seating position that the stock seat also would halve to find out about that (i heard it does) but not sure how valid that info is. i'm short so it would be nice to be a little lower to the ground too. I don't want to put a lowering kit on my bike. not much ground clearance as it is.

i don't need a soft couch cushion type seat but i don't want something hard as a rock and horrible to ride on. i want something comfortable but it does not halve to be extremely comfortable.
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1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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