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Cost For Volusia

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I am getting close in my decision to buy a Volusia 800. Yesterday at the dealer I got some initial numbers for its cost; $6,499.00 cost for the bike, $149.00 shipping fee and $249.00 assembly fee. Never buying/owning a bike before I have several questions for the forum;
1) What could be "normal" expected additional fees associated with its purchase?
2) What are the usual percentage markups?
3) Is negotiation for the final price similar to buying a car?
4) Is there a website where I could go to find out what the dealer invoice would be on that bike?
My desire is for both me and the dealer to have a positive outcome from the sale of the bike. I certainly do not want to offend any dealers that are part of this forum but want to become a bit more educated to make sure I'm getting a fair deal.
Thanks for any advice you can provide.
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I have got two quotes for Volusia from two different dealers. One $5900 and another $6100. I would say both are making atleast $200 and $400 respectively. I think thier price is high and charges are unnecessary. Is this the only dealer around you? Goodluck.
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