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Cost For Volusia

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I am getting close in my decision to buy a Volusia 800. Yesterday at the dealer I got some initial numbers for its cost; $6,499.00 cost for the bike, $149.00 shipping fee and $249.00 assembly fee. Never buying/owning a bike before I have several questions for the forum;
1) What could be "normal" expected additional fees associated with its purchase?
2) What are the usual percentage markups?
3) Is negotiation for the final price similar to buying a car?
4) Is there a website where I could go to find out what the dealer invoice would be on that bike?
My desire is for both me and the dealer to have a positive outcome from the sale of the bike. I certainly do not want to offend any dealers that are part of this forum but want to become a bit more educated to make sure I'm getting a fair deal.
Thanks for any advice you can provide.
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Thanks for the information on the price. I personally thought that some of the extra fees were a bit much, but as I said before I want the deal to be mutually beneficial to all involved. I'm sure a bit of negotiation will occur at both ends. I should get the insurance quote this week. My plans are to buy the bike the following week so I have it just before the Memorial Day Weekend. I can't wait.
In the area I'm in, it is the only one. Your quoted prices just seem to be what I thought would be closer to what I'm willing to pay. But I'll give him an opportunity to give me a good fair quote, if not, there is always the Internet or travel to another town. Thanks for your feedback.
Well...folks, I just signed the papers for my new Volusia 800. The dealer ended up taking off the delivery/set up fees and discounted the price of the bike to $6,200. I'm happy!! And he was happy as well. I will pick it up on Thursday and then the fun begins. Thanks for all the feedback on my question. It certainly helped as I researched the prices. I'm real sure I'll be back to this forum many more time as I start to ride and have more questions.
I don't know what the coast is for the first checkup. But I'll ask when I pick up the bike. They did want to sell me a priority service plan which would cut the cost of each service by 50% for the next 3 years. That was $700 or so dollars. I declined the plan but he said I have up until my first service to make a decision. I don't know at this time what I'll do about the service plan. There are 2 dealers in my town and I'll shop for the best price and service. Speaking of that first checkup, I read on this forum that many people like changing their oil out after 100-150 miles, then again at the 600 mile checkup. They said you would be surprised about how much metal shavings you'll get the first time you change the oil. Is that necessary or is that being a bit anal? Let me say I have absolutely no prior bike experience so I don't know what to believe. What's your take on the service plan and oil change? Thanks for the advice.
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