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<Assume I have zero experience with a motorbikes repair>
I’m trying to figure out how to connect my engine so I can get it started for the first time since it was refurbished. I have no idea what needs to connect to what and what I need to buy.
If you can give me some advice I’d be grateful as the manual provided is not covering it.

Here are some photos, it will help greatly if you can reference the photo and number so I can understand what you think I should do. E.g. photo B, connect something at point 1

note: with photo I, I bought a Technigas E-Nox exhaust though I have no idea how to connect it to the frame. What would I need to get?

I can provide as many additional photos as you would like.

Thanks for reading and if you are willing to help, thank you for your time. I really want to be able to ride it to the mechanic, when I got it it was basically scrap.
1st photo.jpg
2nd photo.jpg
3rd photo.jpg
4th photo.jpg
5th photo.jpg
6th photo.jpg
7th photo.jpg
8th photo.jpg
9th photo.jpg
10th photo.jpg

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While we might have someone on here who is willing to try and help........
I think it would be an exercise in futility.
You NEED somebody knowledgeable on-site to help you.
Critical details might be overlooked with pictures and text messages.

I wish you luck in getting it going again.
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