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A little about me ; From UK now 34 years young , biker at heart . Currently re-assembling my XJ6N 2009 ( AKA FZ6R )

I did not have boundaries early on and learned how to ride and drive the unorthodox way , I rode bikes over my local field before the legal age and took my rickety old moped around town when I was suppose to be at school , I used to take my mum's car out at night , while she was asleep .
it was not until the age of 26 that I got a car licence , though I did have a CBT and moped from the age of 16 , and did get a Full bike licence at the age of 22

Now however with my full bike licence albeit with some points that I am not proud of I am a pretty well rounded driver/biker with plenty of mistakes under my belt that I had learned from (the hard way by having my licence taken off me paying fines , and spending hours at police stations )

My experience taught me that freedom can be achieved at a risk and that risk is part of the fun , even with all the legitimate paperwork and licences , the greatest risk ( loss of life ) is always there . So Please dont judge my past , as I am not the same character I was then !

I am hoping to use this forum , so that I can get some guidance on putting my bike back on the road ( more on that on another post )
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