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Custom windshield paint

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hey guys, I've been reading all up and down the threads in here for a while now, and you guys certainly seem to know dam near everything about bikes and everything to do with them. That said, I'd like some opinions on a question I've been wrestling with for a few months now.

When I bought my bike, there was a sticker on the windshield, which I extremely carefully took off. Unfortunately, some of the glue seemed to stick to the plastic. No big deal i thought to myself, I'll just rub that off real easy. A few hours and many goo-off type fluids, I discovered that it was in fact not residue, but had removed a layer of plastic and I had now eaten into it further.

To fix the glaring imperfection i decided to paint the bottom portion of the windshield, which is hidden behind the handlebars/speedometer anyway. It's currently matte black, which is fine, but I was thinking of somehow putting my little cogyang symbol on the painted section. about 6 inches of room.

Not being an art type however, I have no clue how to do this. Some people suggest contact paper, others suggest air brushing. My original thought was to use painters tape in some form. Trace the symbol onto the tape, cut it out and paint over it.

The symbol is easy for me to recreate, either hand drawn or computerized, have done both many many times now. I just don't know how to get it actually onto the windshield.

Tl,dr: how to paint precisely on windshield? silly noob.
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I recommend you get with a local or internet guy who can cut a stencil from vinyl graphic material, paint it as you would any stencil then remove the vinyl.
Or just go with custom cut vinyl graphics.
I highly recommend vinyl graphics instead of painting.
You can always remove and change out the vinyl.
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