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Dead Battery Story

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A few weeks ago, I accidentally turned my Intruder's key to the parking light position when I parked in the garage, and ran the battery totally down. When it was time to ride a few days later, I figured out what happened, but my solution did not work. I took some heavy gauge wire and some alligator clips, and jump-started the bike with the battery still in place. It started right up, but died the moment I disconnected the clips. I then used the clips and a battery charger, and after 30 minutes of charging, jump started it and it continued to run when the clips were removed. I got about 5 blocks and stopped at a convenience store while my riding buddy ran in for something. I put down my kickstand without putting it in neutral, killing the engine. Of course it would not start. My buddy came back with a car battery self-contained jumper, and I could start the bike, but it would not run when the jumper was removed. I had to push the Intruder home 5 blocks (did someone say this was a light bike?!) where I fully recharged the batttery and have not had a problem since.

Moral of the story - Bike Generators are not like car alternators, which will run a car even with the battery disconnected. A bike battery needs a good charge. If you run your battery down, don't try any shortcuts to the charging process unless you like pushing your bike.
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I konw you haven't had any more problems, but have you checked your battery on a meter to see waht kinda charge its holding? I'd just be a little curious to know if its holding the same amount as the original charge.
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