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This sucks just found out today that my local bike shop won't let me get the SV1000s deal that Suzuki has going right now because it's kinda impossible for me to pick the bike up before the 31st, I'm in Iraq and will be home on like the 5 or 6th, :evil:
So my question is i guess what kind of deals will be running next month? anyone heard anything i'm getting a bike just trying to decide if i should send the wife up to pick up my bike without me ever riding it or just suck it up and pay the extra money for the same bike when i get back and test ride it
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If you want the lower prices, like they said, wait until the end of the model year and the dealer just wants to move the product to make room. If you want good APR's on the loan. CALL USAA. I've never paid an APR higher than 4.9 with them and my insurance is less than 30 bucks a month for full coverage. Also, I don't know where your stationed stateside, but get away from post. Alot of places think they have a captive audience in a military community and charge accordingly.
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