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Derestriction... - GSX-R 400 RR SP?

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Hey there...

I'm the lucky owner of this bike..

I've heard rumours that it's derestricted to 112 MPH (180 km/t), is that so??

My bike is fitted with at Red Rev Derestrictor Kit?
What does it do, maybe make it possible to enter the reed line on the rev'o-meter??

Does I need the Derestrictor kit (M Max) to get maximum power from my bike? What is this M Max system?

Pleas help a lost suzuki driver! :)
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MattO said:
Where would you get one of these GSXR400's? My wife is interested in a small cc bike but doesn't like the looks of the ones available in the US. Where was this bike offered? After a little research I see they were offered all the way up until 1999. I'd love to get ahold of one of these or an RF400.
Too bad. Motorcycle makers are not willing to put very many smaller bikes in US showrooms, they'd rather sell you a bigger $$$$ bike, you rich Yankee!!! :? Smaller bikes in the US now are all "beginner bikes", bikes you want to get rid of after a while 'cuz they really aren't great rides for a rider who has developed a basic level of competence. There are darn few exceptions to this, like the Vulcan 500 cruiser. 8)
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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