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Derestriction... - GSX-R 400 RR SP?

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Hey there...

I'm the lucky owner of this bike..

I've heard rumours that it's derestricted to 112 MPH (180 km/t), is that so??

My bike is fitted with at Red Rev Derestrictor Kit?
What does it do, maybe make it possible to enter the reed line on the rev'o-meter??

Does I need the Derestrictor kit (M Max) to get maximum power from my bike? What is this M Max system?

Pleas help a lost suzuki driver! :)
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Com'on guys! :shock: :wink:
Dave2122 said:
On most Japanese bikes like the RGV or GSXR 400's you have to remove the speed restrictors built into the speedometer or the gearbox. I will find out through my contact in Japan what needs to be done to get full power from it. I do know the M-Max box will remove the speed restriction but will not make the motor produce full power. Give me a few days to discuss what needs to be done with the bike through my contact in Japan.
Thank's Dave! :wink:

I'll wait for your next post! :D
So Dave, any news?`:)
Dave2122 said:
I asked him and he was not 100% positive so he is looking into. I will contact him again today and see what he found out. Sorry it is taking so long.
It's okay Dave, i'm greatfull that you'll help me! ;)

->This is the Red Rev kit witch already is on my Suzuki GSX-R 400 RR SP '95<-

->This is the M-Max box a buddy has on his Suzuki RF400 '95<-

Does any of you know the difference?

And the 1 mil. dollar question: :D

The model that I have got, is the one with 53hp, is it possible to pull 59hp out of it like the old one?
Or is the difference just because one of them is on the rear wheel (53hp), while the other one is on the Crank? (59hp)

Thanks alot!

Regaards Soren! :wink:
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Dave2122 said:
...and not the Bhp restriction that is imposed on Domestic Japanese models.
How much more do you know about the HP restriction?
Is it possible to remove? I hope it's not any vital engine parts that has to be replaced..

But enough for now!

And again, thanks Dave! ;)
Dave2122 said:
In most cases all of the restriction methods used are in the eletrical , exhaust and carbs so dont worry.
As you can se on this homepage ALL GSX-R 400's from '93 an up has "only" 53HP instead of 59HP as the earlier model (1988 - 1992). Or maybe one of them is on the crank while the other is on the rear wheel?
As soon as Johji finds out I will pass it on to you.
That's okay! ;) :p
That's okay Dave!

Thank's alot for your great help! ;)

Regaards Soren
1 - 9 of 21 Posts
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