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Detunning a bike with Power Commander

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Is it possible, through the use of a PC, to detune a bike to where it makes less power (Lets say 20hp less) without damaging the engine...?

Reason for the question: I am getting myself a new bike in the spring and my wife wants mine, she is going for her license in April. I don't mind giving her the GSXR600 but I would fell more comfortable if the bike was less powerful for the first few months.

I know it's too much of a bike for her, I started with this bike. If can cannot do it, then I will have to look for another bike for her and keep the 600 for myself.

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other than that you could spend the excessive money to have the a/f mixture placed to a point where it is for fuel economy instead of hp. This would lower your numbers some but I have no idea how much or if it would even really be worth it
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