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Detunning a bike with Power Commander

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Is it possible, through the use of a PC, to detune a bike to where it makes less power (Lets say 20hp less) without damaging the engine...?

Reason for the question: I am getting myself a new bike in the spring and my wife wants mine, she is going for her license in April. I don't mind giving her the GSXR600 but I would fell more comfortable if the bike was less powerful for the first few months.

I know it's too much of a bike for her, I started with this bike. If can cannot do it, then I will have to look for another bike for her and keep the 600 for myself.

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you could always go up a few teeth on the front sprocket, that will give the illusion of less power until she learns to use the high revs of the bike. So basicly, unless your wife is just plain old silly and tries out the top speed of the bike, that will help make the bike a little more skuid friendly. If nothing elts it's worth a try.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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