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Hello I just sign up here, and also a new owner of a dl650 Blue and would like some advice on brake in? my dealer said keep the speed below 65 for the first 500 Miles or so. and when should i change the oil and filter? thanks 8)
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Vstrom 650 break-in period

I have just over 6000 carefree miles on mine. I changed the oil and filter at about 500 miles, then at about 1400 miles I changed over to mobil one with a new filter. A good rule of thumb for break-in is to always allow the bike to come up to normal operating temperature before you take off. Start the bike and don your gear and then ride slowly until she warms up. Now run her up through the gears gently until you get into high gear, slow to about 30mph and give her full throttle till she hits about 70mph, then let off and let her slow back down to about 30mph again, and then repeat the full throttle to about 70mph. Do this about four or five times, always in sixth gear; this will expedite seating your valves and rings. For the first 500 miles or so, vary your speed keeping it below 70mph. The idea here is NOT to run at a steady speed for any length of time, like riding down the interstate for an hour or so at 75mph. I followed this approach and I didn't really hammer the bike hard till I had about 1400 miles on it and had switched over to mobil one. I've since ridden this bike for extended periods of time, on the twisties keeping her spinning between 7000 and 9000 rpm with an occassional burst up to 10,000 and 10,500 rpm. This bike runs like a champ. I've added a K&N air filter and a Staintune slip-on muffler to improve the efficiency of the engine. It responds quickly, sounds like a real motorcycle, and handles beautifully. You gotta love this bike...ride safe...ride on...
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1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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