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does a air/oil cooled engine may overheat?

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I have a Katana 750 wich is air/oil cooled. I was wondering if my engine can overheat in certain condition?
Last weekend i was stuck in traffic for 20 minutes in the L-H lafontaine Tunnel in montreal. It was so hot in there, with a minimum of ventilation and all these cars running on the idle... I felt like i was about to fade out. and my bike was felling the same way. it was like being sit on a oven

Then when i release the clutch my bike choke out and don't want to start. Just like if my battery was almost dead... my starter was turning just a litle bit.. like a lack of power. I park on the side, wait 5 minutes, and then restart my engine. everything went back to normal!

does the heat can cause that? I don't want to be stuck in this tunnel... ever! :x
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it doesnt make sense to me why they make oil cooled engine when it cools the bottom end when the heat is comeing from the top? :?
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