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American series called True Life: I live to Ride (43:19ms) episode about two stunt riding brothers.

66.1Mb WMV file


Street Fighter Day 2004

36.5Mb WMV file


Bay Area Sport Bike Commuting

29.2Mb WMV file


Bay Area: Del Puerto Road

23.1Mb WMV file


Bike Cam Video

31.6Mb WMV file


Deals Gap Sportbike Video

63.1Mb MPEG file


Fresno Area Video

201Mb WMV file


Highway 9

13.3Mb WMV file


Highway 9 - Bay Area, California

22.9Mb WMV File


Highway 9 - Bay Area, California

24.6Mb WMV file


Honda CBR1100XX "BlackBird"

34.4Mb MPEG file


Lobitos Creek Road

46.7Mb WMV file


Page Mill Madness

55.5Mb WMV file


Page Mill Rd, Palo Alto, Ca - Nighttime

34.1Mb MPEG file


Page Mill Road, Palo Alto, Ca

10Mb WMV file


Stage Road - Bay Area, California

29.2Mb WMV file


6.4Mb MOV file


Suzuki Hayabusa Turbo - 1

21.3Mb WMV file


Suzuki Hayabusa Turbo - 2

12.2Mb WMV file


The Scaggs Caper

35.6Mb MOV file


MotoGP 2003;

MotoGP 2003 - Welcome



The MotoGP 125GP event. 2003 Season.

176.6Mb WMV file


The MotoGP 250GP event. 2003 Season

180.8Mb WMV file


MotoGP Estoril Motorcycle Racing Videos

85.6Mb WMV file


MotoGP Phillip Island Motorcycle Racing

85.3Mb WMV file


MotoGP Sepang Motorcycle Racing

92.8Mb WMV file


MotoGP 2003 - Valencia (qp1)

74.2Mb WMV file

MotoGP 2003 - Valencia (qp2)

78.6Mb WMV file


MotoGP 2003 - Valencia (race)

92.7Mb WMV file


MotoGP 2003 Estoril (qp2)

779.6Mb WMV file


Valentino Rossi on motorcycle camera during the last race lap

3.9Mb WMV file


AMA Supercross 2004;

Anahiem - 125 Main

67.1Mb WMV file


Minneapolis 250

65.2Mb WMV file


San Diego 250

80.6Mb WMV file


MotoGP 2004 Season;

Race #1 (1) - South Africa Welcome

174.8Mb WMV file

Race #1 (2) - South Africa Welcome

3.9Mb WMV file

Race #2 Jerez-Spain

219.8Mb WMV file

Race #3 LeMans - France

210.7Mb WMV file

Race #4 Mugello - Italy

283.6Mb WMV file

Race #05 - Gran Premi de Catalunya

204Mb WMV file

Race #06 Assen - Holland

200.8Mb WMV file

Race #07 Donington - UK

214.3Mb WMV file

Race #08 Sachsenring - Germany

194.4Mb WMV file

Race #09 Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

161.9Mb WMV file

Race #10 Brno - Czech Republic

205.9Mb WMV file

Race #11 Estoril - Portugal

202Mb WMV file

Race #12 - Motegi Japan - Main Event

196.2Mb WMV file

Race #12 - Motegi Japan - 250cc

189Mb WMV file

Race #13 - Qatar - 125 Race

195.1Mb WMV file

Race #13 - Qatar - 250 Race

179.9Mb WMV file

Race #13 - Qatar - MotoGP Race

209.9Mb WMV file

Race #14 - Malaysia

201.9Mb WMV file

Race #14 - Malaysia 125

196.1Mb WMV file

Race #14 - Malaysia 250

187.5Mb WMV file

Race #15 - Phillip Island - 125cc Race

177.2Mb WMV file

Race #15 - Phillip Island - GP Parade

10.5Mb WMV file

Race #15 - Phillip Island - GP Race

203.7Mb WMV file

Race #15 - Phillip Island - Press Session

17.6Mb WMV file

Race #15 - Phillip Island - QP1

9.6Mb WMV file

Race #15 - Phillip Island - QP2

9Mb WMV file

Highlights from MotoGP2004 Season

15.9Mb WMV file

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Buttonwillow California

30.9Mb WMV file


Ninja 250 @ Thunderhill Video

7.7Mb MPEG file


Pure Pleasure RSV Mille ridden hard at Mugello



A lap around Infineon ( Sears Point ) Camera

37.5Mb MOV file


Unknown race event at Isle of Mann- But some good handheld footage from a corner during a motorcycle race

3Mb WMV file


2002 SBK Kyalami - South Africa

346.1Mb AVI file


2002 World Superbike @ Laguna Seca - USA

545.3Mb AVI file


Bikes of 2004 WSBK

6.4Mb WMV


Monza Superbike 2002 - Incomplete spanish version, but still pretty good motorcycle racing

98.1Mb file (I think it should be an AVI file and so it maybe missing the letter 'i' at the end to get your player to recognise it?)


Superbike Race Disaster

5MB WMV file


WSBK 2002 - Monza, Italy Recap

12.3Mb AVI file


Unknown list of bike videos;




83.1Mb WMV file


172Mb WMV file

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WTF .... Looks that way. I bet it is called "" DO we get profit sharing for amount of hits you and the popup/adware gets? JUST TELL US YOUR Site and let us chose if we want to go and see it instead of stuffing it in our face and taking up the whole damb post. That is the second time you have done this.

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I am not trying to promote anyone site but just happens to be that GoFastVideo.Com has lots of submitted videos on their site that can be downloaded for free to view and I thought you might like to download them to watch them as I did on a few of them, but if that's your attitude Hunter to my posts I can remove them all, if you wish, except I don't think others would like that because of your attitude to my posts straight off !

Hint: If you left click with your mouse on a link that shows it's from and it happens to open another window onto that site, but rather you should right-click on the mouse and choose 'Save As'' and save it to a particular directory on your hard drive.

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Or you just could have provided a link to the site and leave it at that. We do know how to navigate websites you know.

P.S. Keep the smart remarks to yourself.

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Not really that simple because it's not that obvious where the link is on that site to actually download it otherwise it opens another window upon another and so on, and that's why I made it simpler by providing the actual short cut for it to eliminate that problem with my previously mentioned HINT posted earlier!
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