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DR 600 cdi electrical problems

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Looking for a cdi box (used) to test to find out why I dont have a spark. It seems ive tried everything. Any other suggestions. Coils are fine, magneto, plugs etcc..all good. Help!!
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Hi there. Have you fixed your problem? I own a 1985 DR 600 S, and I've got no sparks either. I have a new coil, plugs are fine, new stopswitch, I even winded up the power source coil on the magneto about three years ago. The old one was burnt for some reason. But today the bike is dead. No sparks whatsoever. I've hired a guy to look at it, and he (using a regular multimeter I think) came to the conclusion that my pick-up-coil was bad. His suggestion was to buy a new stator/magneto (I'm not very familiar with the correct english terms here, but I hope you understand where I'm going...), a new regulator and a new CDI-unit. That sounds expensive, and even a bit unnecessary. Do you have an idea or tip to share with a frustrated norwegian?

Regards from Terje

1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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