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I do most of my riding off-road and I have found that my 1998 DR350 SE is geared too high for the type of riding I do. I need more low-end low-speed punch for when I'm picking my way through ruts and crevices. I was thinking of upsizing my rear sprocket as opposed to downsizing the front. I believe this is an easier modification and also places less stress on the chain. Of course, my chain will then be too short. Any comments on any of this ?

Note: I have an O-ring chain if this makes any difference.

Upsizing the rear is definately the way to go. Subtracting teeth on the countershaft always means more stress on the chain. Actually, I recently did just the opposite. I went from a 42 to a 39 on the back because most of my riding is dirt/gravel roads. It can still be ridden on a tight singletrack, but it's more of a handful, for sure. Actually though, the three-tooth change didn't make as much of a difference as I expected. If I were going the other way, as you are, I'd probably go up by five or six teeth.

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