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Just wanted to see if anyone was familiar with a DR350S, I just purchased one and started going over it with a fine tooth comb. It does need a speedometer,(which I found out is not at all cheap) and a new paint scheme. I am not sure what type of paint to use on the plastic but I hear there is a special kind that will flex? Anyway, any help you guys could give would be greatly appreciated. I have always loved to ride motorcycles, my brother was killed overseas on his in 97' and I am just now getting where I really want to ride again even though my parents are obviously against it. To them any bike is a death trap no matter what, I have spared them the details of the risk my brother took when he was killed. He was stationed in London, he tried passing a car just before entering into one of those round'a'bout intersections, he actually made the pass but as he was returning to his side of the road at about 75MPH, he lost control on a rock. The rider behind him said he looked as if he regained control, ran out of road and hit a concrete post. This took him over the handle bars and head first into the post breaking his neck. As much as I love my brother, I know it was his own risk taking that did him in, of course parents won't see it that way. I live 30 miles from work each way and this bike would save me quite a bit on gas...and besides, I don't want to live my life and not have fun based on what might and what could happen. Talk about boring.
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