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OK.... So why is the Kaw better in your opinion? Reason I am asking is I have stumbled across a 2001 with 700 miles on it. The fellow wants $3400. The dealer here sells a new one for cash at $4600. He is also a Kaw dealer. Lust looking at opinions is all


riverjet502 said:
Lust looking at opinions is all
Yeah, me too. :oops: :lol: (Freudian slip?)

Though the Kawasaki is somewhat heavier, it has quite a few benefits IMHO.
Liquid cooling, 6+gallons of gas, decent rack and suspension, and it's a true AC/DC (dirt or street). It's list price is generally equal to the DR650, and can sometimes be had even cheaper. The only real problem I have with the Kaw is that the cheap plastic gets chalky looking after just a little time in the elements. (That's been a Kawasaki problem for a looooong time.)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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