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Dragon Ride- WOW!!

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Great ride today!!!!

Started out at 6:30 this morning, and met some friends and friends of friends up in Dahlonega, about 80 miles North of me. From there is was another 120 miles of twisty, windy, mountain roads to Deals Gap, to ride the tail of the dragon. 318 curves in 11 miles…WOW!!!!! And we’re not talking little curves here either, we are talking 90 to 180 degree turns with steep hills and plenty of banking, plus pavement that is in EXCELLENT shape with not one pothole, crack, or pile of loose gravel. Definitely worth the trip! Man, what a workout though, counter-steering and leaning through all those sharp turns, yanking and banking while dodging oncoming cars that couldn’t seem to stay in their own lane. There is a nice scenic parking area to rest at before the return run, and a little store/ snack bar at one end for cold drinks and gas.
All in all, it was a fun highlight to the day. I have encountered curves that were more challenging than any one in the dragon, but I certainly have never seen that many sharp curves in such a short stretch of road.
Then it was a nice scenic ride home through some great mountain roads, taking a different route, which made it a 250-275 mile ride home. After the confidence building of taking on the dragon, we found ourselves running at over twice the posted speed limit though what would normally be considered very challenging mountain roads. So I now need new footpegs, as the road just ate them up! One guy managed to not only mangle his pegs, but to drag the pipes on his Yamaha cruiser and just about destroy his boot. The guy I was running behind was throwing sparks from his Gold Wing’s wing pegs as we blasted down the mountain at 60+ MPH - it was an incredible sight!
Stopped for a cold beer and hot wings at the monthly meeting of the Stone Mountain Chapter of the Southern Cruisers Riding Club, and I finally got home about 10PM tonight. What a great day!!! Sure beats going to work!!!
We are going to head up again next weekend, if anyone from the area wants to join us…

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Oh, man.... :cry:
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