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Drive home

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:) Just picked up my C50T this evening, I was as I said before alittle nervous about riding it home after not riding for 17 yrs, boy does it ride smooth, nice in all ways. I took the back roads home, northern NJ highways are not ideal for a guys starting back up again, it was great, nice sweeping curves, slower roads, no pressure to kept up with traffic. After the first 4 or 5 miles everything was coming back to me, not that I have any intention of ripping it up like a squid :!: , but feeling comfortable on a bike, the C50 is a nice ride all round, toe-heel had me thinking once or twice but I'm getting there. Thanks to you guys for all the posts and threads on various topics I'm learning alot also, so keep up the good work guys.

Kev Mac :wink:
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Yea it is Pinhy, bought 25-30 miles south of me

Kev Mac
Got to take some pics to post also :)
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