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Engine Braking - which tire does it affect?!?

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This has been bothering me for some time. When you downshift to slow down, which tire (wheel) is affected? While I was still getting the hang of downshifting, one of my downshifts was very abrubt, right before I entered a slight curve. The rear tire slipped out on me. Not tip over slip out, but definitely a loss of control. So, when you're downshifting to slow down, do you change your amount of front vs. rear brake???
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Does engine braking really put any more stress on your engine than accelerating? I nomally engine brake. I'll blip it and let the clutch out as fast as possible while letting the rear tire keep traction. I'll never use engine braking where I have to blip it faster than 9K to make the trasition smooth... it can also be pretty easy to lock up your rear tire at that speed I understand. I'm pretty good cuz that's what I've been doing with my car since the day I started driving. I use the brakes for hard stops or stopping completely. Anyways, my original question though. Dunno if I should keep engine braking or not... it's fun though and sounds cool.
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