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Engine Braking - which tire does it affect?!?

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This has been bothering me for some time. When you downshift to slow down, which tire (wheel) is affected? While I was still getting the hang of downshifting, one of my downshifts was very abrubt, right before I entered a slight curve. The rear tire slipped out on me. Not tip over slip out, but definitely a loss of control. So, when you're downshifting to slow down, do you change your amount of front vs. rear brake???
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The wheel slipped based on what the other guys said.

Now to the weight shifts:

If you are braking, either with brakes, or engine breaking, the weight gets transferred to the front (ie. another reason the rear slips so much easier). If you slow down then the weight goes to the front wheel. If you accelerate the weight goes to the back, reguardless of means.
I'd suggest you do whatever feels best to you. I know V-twin people (twin cylinder engines too) like to use engine braking a lot more than most I-4 riders. (all sportbikes here). When you are riding on the streets within your limits then its just whatever you feel is best. I wouldn't worry about wear of the chain drive or pads when you are deciding on how you are going to brake.
Really if you are downshift you want to make sure your RPMs in the lower gear are less than 5 or 6K.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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