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I'm replacing the engine in my 2000 SV 650 with a motor from a California edition 2002 SV 650. All has gone well so far until I start remounting the carbs. My 2000 engine did not have any emisions control, but this 2002 California motor does.

THE FACTS: There are two lines coming off the coolant reservoir tank. One winds around to the back of the bike near the battery compartment and "T's" off then winds back around to where the carbs are. The other is located at the bottom of the coolant reservoir tank and is about 14" in length.

THE ISSUE: These hoses (lines) were not present on the previous engine / carb set up

THE QUESTION: Do either or both of those lines connect to the carbs, and if so, where?

--- Pictures available ---

Thanks ya'll!

... Paul
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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